Commercial Renovations

Commercial renovations

Are you staring at your office and thinking, this needs a renovation? Well, look no further for commercial renovations experts than Gold Coast’s very own Purcell Homes. Servicing all from Brisbane to Northern Rivers, Purcell Homes is here to help you design and bring to life the perfect office look and feel. So, what should you be thinking about when the renovations start?

Invest in your commercial property!

When you’re considering renovating your business, one thing is for certain, quality is key. Investing in the quality of your space is critical to acquiring the most out of your new renovation. This means that using the highest quality materials that are durable to last you the test of time. If you’re like us, your business space is as important to you as your own home. We can help you create a home away from home oasis where you can feel comfortable. Because let’s be real, we secretly spend more time in the office than we do at home.


Every commercial renovation is completely different. Working with a professional construction company is important as they have well established processes in place, so you can sit back (well not quite you’ll probably have to keep working) and watch your dream business space come to life. When you use a professional company, you can expect the project to be streamlined and well executed. You can expect this when you’re working with Purcell Homes. We have a team of highly skilled builders who can work to tailor solutions to meet your needs. Renovations can come in many different shapes and sizes designed to suit your needs and space. Some of our typical commercial renovations include office rooms, kitchen renovations, flooring, bathrooms, staircases, ceilings, mezzanines and more.

At Purcell Homes, We Think Green!

We are Gold Coast’s eco-friendly green builders, we know how devastating the impact of the construction industry can be on the environment. Construction waste accounts for more than 13 million tonnes of waste yearly in Australia. Our impact counts and reducing our impact is one of our main focuses. We believe that using recycled materials where possible, selling or giving away unused materials, using sustainable, hybrid or recycled wood and using green insulation are just some ways the construction industry can work to reduce their carbon footprint.

If you’re looking into how you can make your commercial space more environmentally friendly we can work with you to achieve your goals. Whether that’s becoming energy efficient, installing solar panels or using recycled materials in your building, we can work towards your sustainable goals.


From storefronts, to office buildings, retail spaces to showrooms, and so much more, our team of experts are ready to help start your project. You bring the dream, and we’ll bring the team! Get in contact with us to discuss your next project with the Purcell Homes team. Call us on 0430370089 or email us at [email protected]


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