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Renovations come in many shapes sizes, designed to suit many different applications and over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working on some amazing projects, for a broad range of clientele. Some of the more typical types of renovations are:

As builders, we specialise in the construction process however if required, we also have the experience to offer useful direction in the design and management process.

Problem solving is key and we invest a lot of energy in building a strong communication channel between ourselves, the client and where required, the architects and engineers.

As experienced Project Managers, we regularly liaise with, manage and work alongside other trades and contractors in order to see the smooth running of a project.

Complying with both budget and deadline is always at the forefront of any renovation project we engage with, which means we’re very proactive in working alongside our customers to ensure that any modifications to the original plan are carried out in agreement and the best interest of everyone involved.

If you’re looking for a quality team of renovation experts, we’re confident that you’ll not do better than us.
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Home Renovations in Gold Coast

Invest in Your Property with Home Renovations in the Gold Coast

There is no doubt that engaging in home renovations in the Gold Coast is a rewarding exercise. Yes, it requires a little sacrifice from the occupants, but once the process ends, it is worth all the fuss. Homeowners usually have a vision for the final appearance of their homes but require a professional renovation builder to help realise that dream. Purcell Homes is dedicated to exceptional customer service and tailor-made solutions. 

The Benefits of Home Remodelling in the Gold Coast

We spend most of our time in our homes. Our house provides our living space day after day, and sometimes that living space requires minor adjustments—or significant renovations. Whether you are interested in placing a property on the market or enhancing your space to suit your own requirements, engaging with home renovators in the Gold Coast is beneficial. 

  • Updating your home with new paint, fixtures, and appliances will increase its resale value. There are several renovations that you can undertake, such as modernising the entire interior or enhancing the exterior, that will sharply boost the value of your home. If you don’t have the capital to get involved in a complete restoration, don’t underestimate the power of focusing on particular rooms. The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms in which buyers and guests look for sophistication. 
  • DIY renovations might ensue chaos but hiring a professional builder and contractors means that the job site will be left clean and orderly every day and the whole project will be completed promptly with minimal disturbance to the home owners. In addition to paint and larger-scale cosmetic alterations, renovations can also mean altering old fixtures and plumbing to include energy-efficient parts. Selecting green upgrades such as solar panels can save you money on your energy bill. Replacing fixtures around the home gives it a fresh appeal, even though the disturbance to the household is minimal. 
  • There are some renovations that can’t be put off because of safety. A typical example is a leaking roof, which requires immediate attention to avoid further damage to your roof and interior. Similarly, old wiring runs the risk of causing electrical fires that will damage the property severely, but you can avoid these risks by upgrading the electrical circuitry during a renovation. 

Your home is your comfort zone. Unfortunately, over time, that comfort dissipates, and you find yourself in need of a refresh. Discover the perfect opportunity to renovate your home according to your lifestyle and comfort requirements with Purcell homes renovation services.

Consider This First During Home Renovation in the Gold Coast

There are several factors involved in home remodelling in the Gold Coast. The project can be derailed easily with simple errors. To guard your investment and ensure that your renovation is up to standard, you should follow these steps before embarking on the project:

  • Realise that most of your budget will be spent on a contractor. As such, you must dive deep into the background of the builder, which goes beyond looking at online reviews of their work. You are entitled to and should get proof of their certifications and liability insurance. Bear in mind that your home builder will be close to you during the projects so it is crucial that he is easy to talk to, so you’ll want to invest in a solid working relationship. 
  • Overestimate the time required for the renovation. Various factors can cause minor delays with a project. Adverse weather, waiting for stock, and household illness concerns are realistic scenarios. It’s best to be prepared for that reality— give the project ample time for completion. 
  • Order a sample of the materials that you want to use or the paint colours that you’re considering. You don’t want to have a product with you only to find that you’re not satisfied with its appearance. 

About Purcell Homes

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