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Living in beautiful Queensland is fantastic, however space can be limited and costs are getting up there. Decks and pergolas are a fantastic way to create the space you need, without going anywhere.


There are loads of reasons why you should consider having a deck installed on your property, however most commonly, we find that a new deck has the ability to open up your entertaining area tenfold.

At Purcell Homes, we have worked on dozens of projects that have enabled us to (in some instances) double a living room, by removing an external wall and installing a beautiful bi-fold, or sliding door that opens up onto an incredible deck.

Decks and pergolas are at home in Australia and especially here on the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas, as the perfect climate makes it enjoyable for the better part of the year.

If the weather is good, why would you NOT want to entertain guests outside?

What is entertaining anyway? It could be in the form of a good old Aussie BBQ, or it could simply be dinner or breakfast with the family. Or maybe just reading a book on your lonesome. Either way, there is no better way to take full advantage of the climate and surroundings that we are so blessed with by installing a deck.


Are you spending as much time as you would like in your garden?

With a giant hole in the Ozone Layer looming above us, exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays is a constant threat to us Australians. Living in South East Queensland, we’re also partial to experiencing some pretty amazing storms and the conditions that come with the package.

This does not mean that we should be cooped up inside, however.

Where a deck can open up the entertaining space of your home, a pergola can open up your entertaining space externally. There is really nothing better than sitting in the garden, enjoying nature, knowing that you are safe from the elements.

Dining alfresco, afternoon tea, breakfast, or even drinks with friends are so much more enjoyable under the protection of a pergola. If it is hot, not a problem, the sun is off your heads. If it is wet, not a problem either.

Pergolas enable us to take full advantage of the climate, regardless of what it’s throwing our way.

If you like the idea of increasing some of your living space and you feel like decks and pergolas might help you achieve that, give us a call today and speak to the team at 0430 370 089.

A Deck Installation Brings Both Added Value and Enjoyment to Your Home

Purcell Homes is the ideal partner to help you turn your dream of a deck installation into reality. We are fortunate to have fantastic weather so that we can enjoy a great deal of outdoor living. As an experienced deck builder, we provide personalised service and work closely with you throughout the project.

Benefits of Pergolas in the Gold Coast 

We all wish we could take more advantage of our climate and outdoor spaces. If you have sufficient space for one in your yard, a pergola will be a valuable addition to any home. There are numerous benefits to installing pergolas in Gold Coast homes.

  • Pergolas provide additional space while also offering protection from the elements, whether it’s pouring with rain or the sun is blazing.
  • They are great for outdoor entertaining and straightforward to install. We will also work with you to ensure that you get just what you had in mind rather than just another mass-produced structure that everyone else in the neighbourhood has too.
  • You’ll add immense value to your property with an amazing and versatile space where you can relax and enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors, in comfort.

What Sets Purcell Homes Apart Regarding Balcony Builders?

Apart from the 15 years of invaluable experience we have, we pride ourselves on the personalised experience we offer to each of our clients. You will receive almost daily updates on the progress of your installation, in terms of budget and timeframe.

  • We will listen to you and respond accordingly with a solution tailored to meet your needs. Our installations will be ready on time and within your budget.
  • When you choose us as your deck builder, you deal directly with the owner. We are easy to talk to and will always listen if you’d like to tweak the installation during the build without compromising on your budget or completion date.
  • Many houses have a unique style, and we will stay true to this style. Each pergola, deck or balcony will fit in and complement the existing structures.

We guarantee our work, which is to the highest standards. Wherever possible, we practice sustainable building, using sustainably-sourced and ethical products. You need to look no further for a patios builder in the Gold Coast.

About Purcell Homes

Since we opened our business in 2015, we have worked on numerous projects, anything from industrial sheds to investment properties. Our experience ranges from building new homes that have been designed by architects, to installation of decks or pergolas and a variety of home renovation projects. Our passion for the environment reflects in our use of green building methods wherever possible. We are located in Palm Beach in the Gold Coast, providing our services to all areas from Tweed Heads to Ormeau. 

If you would like information or advice about having a deck or pergola installed, please do feel free to get in touch with us, we’d love to help bring your dream to life.

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