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When it comes to adding value to a property, there are two rooms that really get it done: bathrooms and kitchens.

At Purcell Homes, we love kitchen renovations because they can literally transform homes – you can see this in the stunning comparisons between before and after photos.

Renovating your kitchen can serve so many purposes, including:

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovation – Complete Service

When it comes to renovating kitchens, there are a number of moving parts that have to be managed. From removing the original kitchen and improving structural integrity, through to liaising with other trades and fabrication and install.

Purcell Homes are excellent Project Managers. With years of experience in managing trades, deliveries, client communications, architects, engineers and everything in between, we’re sure that you’ll be more than impressed with the way that we operate.

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Punctual, on Budget, Customised Design and Kitchen Renovation on the Gold Coast

Talk to us if you want to do a kitchen renovation on the Gold Coast. We collaborate with customers from Tweed Heads to Brisbane and the adjacent districts, finding the best design and building solutions for the available space to suit style and requirements.

What Sets Purcell Homes Apart Regarding Kitchen Reno in the Gold Coast?

We communicate easily and directly, discussing your ideas and working with you to provide top-quality service and precisely what you envision for whichever room or outdoor area you want to spruce up.

  • We renovate your existing kitchen and bathroom in addition to building extensions. Do you want to renew or construct a pergola, deck, or any other space? We’ll do it honestly and courteously.
  • We offer a boutique service, meaning that the owner/builder deals with customers directly to keep them informed on how the design and construction are progressing and the budget is being spent.  Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.
  • Licensed in Queensland, we afford a complete array of bespoke services. Speak to us if you wish to modify an aspect, and we will incorporate the alteration while staying within the timeline and financial plan.

Doing a kitchen reno will breathe new life into your home space and make your kitchen the perfect space for social gatherings and family time.

Problems a New Kitchen Installation Addresses 

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two most important rooms in the house when it comes to adding value, which is why you want to ensure that these rooms are in great shape. 

  • Functional storage space is essential in first-rate kitchen reno and design. If you have enough cabinets in which to store your supplies, your kitchen will be a tidy, pleasant space where you can create fabulous dishes, entertain, and dine with family and friends, especially if you add a few seats, benches or breakfast bar. 
  • By utilising available space correctly, you will have the optimum amount of cupboard room, your working area will be functional − with ingredients and utensils within comfortable reach − and the layout will assure easy movement. 
  • Whether reconditioning or building an open-plan extension, a new kitchen installation should cater for modern appliances to save you time and money in the long run as they are more resilient than old appliances and are energy-efficient.

The installation of sleek, modern cabinets and countertops should help with trouble-free upkeep and aesthetic interest. Choose modern accessories that don’t forego inventiveness for style, consider diverse lighting options and select kitchen tiles that are both functional and define the overall kitchen outline with unique colours and classy designs.

Why You Should Use Purcell Homes

We remove the old kitchen, take care of its structural integrity, handle all trades concerned, and build or install the required components. We are outstanding project managers who take care of everything. Contact us to discuss the full package.

We are based on the Gold Coast and service all areas from Tweed Heads to Brisbane and the surrounding Hinterland.

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