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About Purcell Homes

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About Purcell Homes

Hi, my name is Steve and I am the director of Purcell Homes.

Purcell Homes is an owner operated company and over the years, I have had the privilege of fine-tuning my skills learning on various types of interesting projects, including everything from industrial sheds through to investment properties.

I love the challenge of building architecturally designed new homes and extensions on challenging blocks, implementing new and innovative construction techniques to deliver a solution that is functional and visually stunning.

I have a real passion for the environment and I strive to bring that same passion into my business by practising green building methods. 

As a ‘self-confessed greenie’, I completed a ‘green living’ course which helps me build using sustainable methods with sustainable products (where possible). On many projects, I have sourced recycled and/or ‘ethically sourced’ products and materials which offer a modern, functional and ‘feel good’ alternative to new products. 

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