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The clients had purchased this property with the dream of major modification. The scope was :
  • Clean lines
  • Modern detailing and finishes
  • Soft timber tones
  • Easy transition spaces from kitchen, dining and rooms.
  • Create an extra room for the growing family.
This Dated Mermaid Beach home needed some serious TLC from floor plan to floor coverings. We wanted to provide a natural flow from one living space to another. And incorporate the difference in living room floor heights as a benefit.




By standing back and looking at the entire floor plan, we could see that smart design and utilisation of space meant that, we could create the extra room for the kids, massively open up the kitchen, dining and lounge spaces and create additional storage for the kitchen and laundry.


As the Kitchen had to move to the heart of the home, all services needed to me tracked through the concrete slab

How to tie the differing floor height together in a seamless transition? The solution was a floating concrete step. This provided us with a robust product that, with the timber flooring top and bottom tied the rooms together perfectly.

Replacing the standard cornice with square set plaster work, modernised the house and matched the new kitchen design. With beautiful wooden picture framing and VJ cupboard door detailing there was only one more thing to add.

Two large skylights to let natural light into the entire room.

Purcell Homes can assist with every stage of your project.

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