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We believe construction, either being renovations, extensions, or entirely new builds should be looked at from a sustainable point of view. 


There are loads of reasons why you should consider an eco friendly approach. Here are out favourites:

Simply put, over the life of your new build, having thermal efficient materials, innovative design, and energy efficient fittings will save you money. How? The internal temperature of your home will be more comfortable all year round, therefore air conditions/heaters will not have to be run as frequently or for as long. 

Deconstruct not demolish. We deconstruct your existing home in order for materials to be reused and recycled, this process can save your hip pocket, because these materials are able to be sold to recyclers instead of paying for removal to land fill.

Batteries have come a long way in recent years and could very well be an option for your house hold needs, providing a bridge from when the sun is not shining, to when it is.

Insulation, is one of the most common and readily available solutions for increasing your wall, ceiling, and floor R-value. Coming in a variety of different materials, and a range of thermal performances there is an option that will cater for your new build.

Structural insulated panels (SIPs), can be used for outdoor entertaining areas, through to entire home builds. Providing an extremely strong, energy-efficient and cost effective solution. SIPs will save you time, money and labor.

Big ideas or small. Being green can be as small as installing a solar system or as big as an entirely off-grid power, and water managed design. Our experienced team caters to all approaches and would love to discuss your options.  

Sustainable Homes

We Build Sustainable Homes to Preserve the Environment

Whether you’re renovating, extending, or constructing a building from scratch, it’s a wise decision to consider sustainable homes. If you are dedicated to the idea of reusing and recycling materials to reduce the impact on the environment, you’re probably wondering where to start to keep your construction green. At Purcell Homes, we are sustainable builders, and we use materials that are not harmful to the planet at every opportunity. 

Why You Should Consider Eco-Friendly Homes 

These homes reduce energy consumption, which saves the homeowner money and preserves the environment. Approximately 29 percent of greenhouse gases are from the electricity sector, which accelerates climate change. 

  • Homes that are built with sustainable materials tend to last longer than properties built with conventional construction materials. As time goes on, eco-friendly houses age better, and they typically won’t require as much effort towards maintenance and repairs as a traditional home. As a result, you don’t have to fork out cash every year for the upkeep of your home. 
  • Building a green home will save you money over time. The addition of solar panels and other heat-retaining systems assist in reducing your reliance on electricity. Naturally, usage of your air conditioning and heating decreases and with it, and as a result, so does your energy bill. 
  • A recent study shows that 80 percent of people would sacrifice certain items if it meant saving the Earth. Opting for an eco-friendly home is a significant trend: the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, an organisation that guides countries regarding green homes, has certified more than half a billion developments worldwide. It’s great to be a “greenie”, and it’s even better to demonstrate it by hiring a construction company that shares your point of view. 

Why Choose Purcell Homes Regarding Eco Renovations?

We believe in using sustainable methods and products whenever possible during development and renovation. As an owner-operated company, we are dedicated to saving the planet and sourcing products and materials that offer an alternative to new materials. 

  • One of the values of our business is our exceptional level of service. We take the time to listen to your thoughts and suggestions and offer our professional advice in return. However, we’ll always strive to meet your needs, and we deliver a personalised service that you’ll love. 
  • We’re fully licensed and insured. We also guarantee our work. 
  • Since we are boutique builders, you are always dealing with the owner of the business. You stay up-to-date with your project, and should you have any questions, we’re available to answer them. We believe in open lines of communication to ensure that the process is smooth for everyone. Even if you’ve changed your mind regarding a facet of your upgrade, we’re open to adjusting, all without compromising on budget or timeline. 

About Purcell Homes

We have over 15 years of experience in the industry, over which we’ve learned and developed at every opportunity. We look forward to building your new home or supporting your home extension or home renovationContact us for your next build or renovation.

We are based on the Gold Coast and service all areas from Tweed Heads to Brisbane and the surrounding Hinterland.

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