The Family Home


Wanting to create more space in their Palm Beach home, this family of five began their journey of home renovations with Purcell Homes to create their dream home. When talks between James and his family started with the Purcell Homes team in June, they had made plans to be back home by Christmas, as well as be on budget. The scope was :
  • Renovate the bathroom, lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen and exterior of the house to create more living space for James and his family.
  • To reuse the house floorboards and window frames.
  • Insulation within the house.
  • Re-leveling of the house to adjust the house.
  • Fencing around the pool that was functional yet appealing.

Stephen and the Purcell Homes team were there with James and his family along the way to answer any and all questions, provide guidance on any issues that arose and work with each other to bring this dream home to life.




With three growing kids, it was time to action their plans for a home renovation in the beautiful Palm Beach, Queensland. James and his wife Laura’s primary plan for their home was to create more space. Extending their home from a three-bedroom to four bedrooms, to one-and-half bathrooms along with an extra living area with an extra third of the house at the back with the installation of their patio.

Wanting to keep elements of their house, James and Laura along with Stephen preserved the floor boards of the house, along with the window frames. Wanting to retain the floor for James and Laura, Stephen worked to identify the type of flooring with timber specialists, which allowed him and the team to locally find them at a sustainable plantation, which was able to supply the floor boards, and remain on time and within budget.


When it came to the demolition and renovation of the house, there was asbestos found in the ceilings and flooring, which caused a halt to the renovations. Due to the ceiling roof access being cut off, the Purcell Homes team had to come up with a solution to inspect the rest of the house, especially in the ceiling, to ensure all asbestos was removed. After the removal of the asbestos, the renovations were back on track once the house was cleared and safe.

"So the plan was more space. And I think we nailed it. I think we nailed it from the brief. Everything was great. The communication was great. We were pretty much on budget. The only thing that was off was obviously the asbestos, which was unforeseen, but sort of was predicted. But everything was great. Any problems we managed to fix together. "