Top Tips to Remember Before Starting Your Home Renovation!

Home Renovations

Here at Purcell Homes, it’s our responsibility to be your partner and a sturdy hand to hold during your home renovation process. We are dedicated to making this an enjoyable and incredibly pleasing experience for you. It can be a fear-provoking process with so many decisions to make, and maybe a lack of knowledge to make those decisions. So, let us share some tips with you when planning your home renovations!

Plan Each Room!

You’re not planning your house for tomorrow’s use; you’re planning it for next year, or a few years to come. Is it going to be the home your kids grow up in? Or is it your forever home for when you retire? When thinking of your home renovations, think of each room’s purpose, its functionality and how it will be used. Do you want carpet or floor boards in the lounge room and bedrooms to prevent damage from spillage? What sort of tiles do you want in the bathroom? And yes, there’s more than 1 type of tiles! We’re talking marble, ceramic, granite and more.

Having a general idea in your mind when it comes to your home renovations before talking to the experts is always the best tip, as it has you thinking of endless opportunities and outcomes. And don’t be afraid to not know the answers to everything; that’s why you’ve chosen to work with the experts!

Plan Your Budget!

One of the initial steps that you should consider before venturing into any project is budget. And research yes, but without a budget, you can find yourself with a shell of a house with no roof. Build-in 20% to 25% extra budget to manage any unforeseen circumstances that need attention once the renovations have started. Deficient plumbing, outdated electrical systems and even hazardous material like asbestos are just some of the things that can put your budget out.

Think Green!

We’re not talking green walls and plants here, we’re talking environmentally friendly renovation practices. Making your home energy-efficient can make it more comfortable to live in and save you money in the long-term. Home renovations provide the opportunity to cut your electricity bills and decrease your impact on the planet, and proper insulation in your home makes a huge difference to your bill.


We’re not talking about popping the champagne before the house is done, we’re talking about pre-ordering samples of tiles and colour swatches before they’re installed. Can you imagine picking a tile scheme, installing it and then seeing what it looks like? That’s what we hope to avoid for many reasons. Ordering samples, or even just talking with the team, we can help you in choosing the perfect solution, so you know that when you see the tiles, floor boards, paint on the walls once it’s done, you are over the moon happy with them!

Purcell Homes has been servicing the Gold Coast for years, and in that time we have developed into one of the go-to boutique builders in the area. We prioritise customer service and are always on hand to listen to your ideas and implement personalised solutions. Contact us on 0430 370 089 or [email protected] for home renovation support or new development, and let’s bring your dream, to reality!

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