Trendy Features To Include In Your Palm Beach Bathroom Build!

Bathroom Renovations

Few things are as good as renovating your home – even if it is just your Palm Beach bathroom. If you’re looking for bathroom builders in Palm Beach, look no further than Purcell Homes, we’ve got you covered! 2023 is full of new and exciting trends that can make you feel like every day is a spa day. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of must-have features for your new bathroom.

Did you know studies have found that the average female spends at least 29 minutes in the bathroom each day? Another study found that the average person will spend 416 days of their life in the bathroom. Since we spend so much time in our bathrooms, it only makes sense to transform this space into a place you feel happy and comfortable in. That’s where the team at Purcell Homes come in. Our bathroom builders in Palm Beach will help you design and build the bathroom of your dreams.

6 Of Our Favourite Bathroom Trends

1. Rain Showers

The first on our list is the rain shower. If you’re someone who likes to spend those extra few moments in the shower as you soak in the warm water, then this is a feature you will definitely love! This type of shower, or more specifically shower head, takes relaxation to a whole new level as it completely immerses you in the downpour. Not only do they provide you with a tranquil experience, but they also generally use less water than your traditional shower heads making them great for the environment (and your water bill). In terms of aesthetics, these types of showers also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom making them a worthy acquisition and something that should definitely be considered in your renovations.



2. A Touch of Nature

Bathroom builders palm beachGive your bathroom some character by adding some plants! As the pandemic hit, and with it the lockdowns and restrictions, many people sought out to transform their house into an indoor jungle by investing in house plants. We all know that one person who seems like they have gone a bit “plant crazy.” However, it turns out that surrounding yourself with living greenery can actually have a positive effect on your overall health and well-being. Studies have found that plants can improve air quality by capturing airborne pollutants. On top of that, adding some greenery into your bathroom can create a calm and tropical feel whilst also enhancing its overall aesthetics. Best of all, house plants are easy and relatively cheap to add to your bathroom. All you have to do is pick some plants that match the conditions in terms of light, water, and airflow.


3. Black bathrooms

Bathroom RenovationBlack bathrooms aren’t news anymore, but they sure continue to be trendy. If incorporated thoughtfully, black has the power to transform an understated bathroom into a real feature space. Dark spaces surely are something else – and you get to choose if you want more of a “zen vibe” or an elegant and luxurious look. However, when opting for black, it’s important to ensure you match it with the right colour pallet. Try to stick with a monochromatic colour scheme to ensure your bathroom remains spacious and organised. It’s also important to consider the size of your space before deciding on such a dark shade. It’s true black bathrooms work better for larger spaces – it can be a little claustrophobic if your space is too small. In saying this, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you can still play around and add some black features to incorporate the elegance of black bathrooms.


4. Coloured concrete sinks

Bathroom Renovation

Coloured concrete sinks are growing in popularity. They’re fashionable, trendy, and they can add personality to your bathroom, after all they’re quite bold! Not only do they look good, but they’re made of a strong material that will last upwards of 50 to 60 years with proper care making them a worthy investment.




5. Marble

Bathroom RenovationsMarble is one of those things that will never get old. It was a 90s staple, and it’s still going strong today. Marble walls can bring sophistication and calm. However, proper marble can be a very expensive material. If you can’t afford it, that’s fine! Thankfully, there are faux marble options, so you can get virtually the same look for a lot less of the cost.





6. Double Basins and Showers

Double basins and showers are a great option for large bathrooms. They are stylish and provide great functionality as well. There is no waiting time in the morning or at night, which can optimise your routine (and your mood and relationship really!). Double basins and showers are highly recommended for households with a hectic mourning ritual!







These trends will definitely change the way you feel about your bathroom, transforming it into one of your favourite spots in your house. After all, who doesn’t like a place where you can feel good and relax? Purcell Homes can help you make that dream bathroom of yours into a reality. If you would like to find more about our bathroom builders in Palm Beach, then contact us today by calling 0430 370 089. You can also email us at [email protected] or visit our website to find out more about the services we offer.


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