The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Here at Purell Homes, we believe that all construction should be considered from a sustainable perspective. Why? Put it this way. What’s the use of having a perfect home if its on a dying planet? If the world reaches the point of being too polluted for humans to live on, then we are all going to be in big trouble. Regardless if we are living in a cardboard box or a mansion. However, if everyone makes a small change and chooses to be eco-friendly in their home renovations, it will make a positive difference for the environment and ultimately our future.

What are green renovations?

Did you know that almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia are a result of the construction, operation and maintenance of buildings? (Source).  “Electricity, gas & water” and “materials” are the largest contributors to the construction Carbon Footprint (CF) (Source). However, by building sustainably, this CF can be reduced significantly.

So, you’ve decided that you are going to adopt sustainable practices in your construction project whether that be renovating, building an extension or an entirely new build. Great! Your already on the right track for doing your part in creating a better future. But where do you start? We know that when it comes to renovating a space, there are already a million things you have to think of. So, to make things a bit easier, we have created the diagram below to help you be sustainable in your build.

Green Renovations

Now that you have a bit of a better idea on ways you can be sustainable in your home renovation, let’s talk about 2 major ways you can reduce your builds environmental footprint.

Energy Efficiency

As we previously mentioned, energy is a big contributor to our CF. However, through sustainable building practices, this can be reduced. The use of thermal efficient materials, innovative design, and energy efficient fittings will ensure your house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. So, by keeping the overall indoor temperature of your home more comfortable all year round, you reduce the need for running your heater, air-conditioned and fans, ultimately using less energy. Easy right? Not only is this better for the environment, but also for your bank account as you save money on your power bills!

Recycle Materials

Did you know that construction waste accounts for more than 12.8 million tonnes of waste yearly in Australia? That’s nearly 17% of Australia’s total waste! (Source). And yes, you guessed it, a lot of this waste can be reduced! How? By deconstructing and not demolishing! Yes, it may be tempting to just get a wrecking ball and start your renovations from scratch but taking the time to deconstruct any existing structures will not only do wonders for the environment, but also save you money! Buying new materials for your building can quickly get very expensive. However, by deconstructing and not demolishing, you will find that a lot of the materials can be reused in your new build. You will also be able to give away or even sell left over materials like windows, timber, bricks or even your old kitchen. Ultimately, this saves you paying for waste removal to land fill whilst also leaving you with some extra cash. It’s a win-win situation!

The bottom line

Here, we have only listed a few of the many ways you can engage in eco-friendly home renovations. Being green can be as little as installing a solar system or as big as an entirely off-grid power, and water managed design. Whether you’re looking to build an extension, renovate an existing space or start an entirely new build, the team at Purcell Homes can help. We are sustainable builders who take pride in creating beautiful homes whilst reducing the environmental impact of construction at every opportunity. Ask us how today! Contact Purcell Homes today and turn your dream into a reality.



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