How to Choose a Builder for My Project

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The Building and Construction industry can be a minefield to navigate. It is important to engage a builder that has the time to guide you through the maze that is planning, design and construction. They need to have the technical knowledge and quality sub-contractors to be able to deliver on service and price. 

 In this blog we are going to go through some of the areas and questions that you as the owner and financial investor, should be asking/expecting from your builder. 

  • OWNER BUILDER: This is a great opportunity for homeowners to get their hands dirty however it can be risky and stressful if you don’t have trusted tradesmen or the project management knowledge to coordinate the renovation. Engaging a builder takes away all the stress as they have the knowledge and skill base to guide your project smoothly to completion, as they have typically worked in the industry for a minimum 10years before becoming a builder.
  • LICENSE/INSURANCE: Make sure the builder you engage is licensed and has the adequate level of insurance to cover your home restoration. Prior to starting work you should have a copy of their certificate of currency.
  • COMMUNICATION: From the first phone call/email you should feel that you have a good rapport with your builder. You should feel comfortable asking questions, there should be transparency with information provided, they should have good time management skills.
  • QUOTES: When receiving quotes from Builders, part of the expected service is an explanation of what is included and more importantly; excluded from the quote. This will help you when comparing quotes to know exactly what you are getting and why there may be significant differences in prices.
  • DETAILS: The added costs can be in the details. Have they asked you a lot of questions in the beginning? This will ensure that the price is accurate and you can have confidence that the builder will deliver on your project.

You can be assured when engaging Purcell Homes, we will always strive to provide a detailed and itemised quotation with as much of the prices fixed so there is no hidden surprises along the way. We are responsive and very collaborative in our approach to building so we can be sure to deliver what you’re after. We are invested in building a relationship with you for ongoing business, you can be assured to receive honest and reliable service.

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