The Forever Residence


The client, Lynn, wanted a home that she could live in indefinitely, that would be her ‘forever residence’, that was low-maintenance, and that had high energy efficiency to maximise her green footprint and minimise her carbon one. The scope was :
  • Use sustainably sourced materials to construct an entertainment area.
  • Renovate the bathroom, laundry, bedrooms, kitchen and living space to promote cross ventilation, so that no matter where you are in the home, you capture a breeze.
  • Install a solar system on the roof to maximise the space.
  • Tinted window glass to increase efficiensy, and to reflect the heat rather than absorb it.
  • Replaced and recycled the roof and added in Anticon insulation.
Stephen, and the Purcell Homes team, were there with Lynn along the way to answer any and all questions, offer suggestions and be a sturdy hand to hold throughout the renovations.




Wanting to do up her house in Alexandra Hills near Brisbane, Lynn reached out to Purcell Homes for home renovations. Having an idea of her house in mind, Lynn and Stephen worked together to build a home that was both low-maintenance and had high energy efficiency to maximise her green footprint. This included recycling the rood, and using sustainably sourced materials, such as in the entertainment areas of the house.


Initially, Lynn wanted French doors that would open up, but then there would be a problem with where she would put the dining table and lounge room chairs once the doors were open. Wanting to keep Lynn’s home open, and entertainment-friendly, Stephen suggested louvres, and Lynn loved them.

Wanting to be as cost-effective as possible, Lynn was hesitant about the marble waterfall kitchen island once it came to ordering. But where Lynn and Purcell Homes had been cost-effective in other areas, such as with the change from the French doors to the louvres, Stephen was adamant about Lynn having her extravagant bench and kitchen.

Every good idea really came from you (Stephen), like I had the basis of want I wanted in my head, but every good idea and every practical idea and money wise came from you (Stephen). No, I wasn't overly stressed because I just trusted you (Stephen). I would recommend Steve to anybody. He communicates well, and he does a good job.

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